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About Oroca

picture of hands with rings and bracelets


Nice to meet you, Orly Coffler

Orly Coffler plans, designs and manufactures handmade jewelry and wall jewelry with a unique style for over 20 years.

I have always been attracted to art and the magic of creating something out of nothing. I acquired the technical knowledge of goldsmithing at Wizo Haifa in the late 1990s at the same time as my work as a mechanical engineer. I followed my passion and thus over many years I developed the unique design language in the various collections.

The works were presented in exhibitions in Israel and abroad. In museums and are possessed by  private collectors around the world.  

At the core of the creative process

 A dialogue is felt between the ancient world and modern one. this serves as an endless source of inspiration. This is expressed in the rawness, the ancient symbolism and the finish of the items. The work is carried out from a constant search for shapes, textures, shades and combinations of materials. The guiding line is perfection in imperfection.

the studio

I fulfilled a dream and in 2019 I opened the Oroca boutique studio in an authentic Ottoman building in Old Acre, Israel. The studio is spectacular, inspiring and corresponds wonderfully with the style of the works. Besides the diverse display of jewelry in the studio, I would be happy to host you to create your own jewelry in various workshops under my guidance.

the jewelry pieces are

Produced in small series and made of high-quality materials: silver, gold, gold-filled, brass and high-quality 18 Karat gold plating Nickel free. Along are natural gems, crystals, glass and clay.

I would love to create your custom made piece of jewelry. You are welcome to contact!

You are invited to enjoy the variety of jewelry for direct online ordering on this website, including delivery to Israel and abroad

You are welcome to the workshop in Old Acre and the listed stores.


Featured in the Israeli art collection book 2016 

1st Award at the contest "Love yourself check your self" 2018 organized by Wizo 

For the mixed media art visit

  Also distributed at  
Haifa Museum store * Ein-Hod Gallery *  Hamizgaga Museum store * Zefat Main Gallery

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