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The difference between gold plated and gold filled jewels

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Many customers ask me Which piece of jewelry will look better over time:

the gold plated or the gold filled? Let's do some tidying up:

Gold filled

A process of heat and pressure applied to the jewelry which is basically made of different alloys. At the end of the process you get a piece of jewelry with 5% gold.

Gold plated

A process of electrolysis on a piece of jewelry made of alloy. The length of time you keep the jewelry in the bath Determines the thickness of the coating.

There are two types of coatings: * Flash plating This is expected thinly on the surface only. That's why it drops relatively quickly And the metal detector below. * Micron plating This is a coating whose thickness is measured in microns. Starting at 1.5 microns and up to 3 microns. Overall Goldfield jewelry has a higher gold content A gold-plated jeweler. That's why its price is also higher.

gold plated and gold filled

Important Information!

There is no difference in visibility between gold jewelry, goldfield and gold plating According to the chosen caratura (such as 9, 14, 18 karat).

My recommendations: * When it comes to jewelry that comes in direct contact with the skin, such as necklaces and rings: choose goldfield * When it comes to earrings choose gold plated, pay attention to sensitivities. One of the things I pay attention to in earrings is the material from which the part that goes into the ear is made of, which may cause sensitivity. Therefore, it is often made of gold-plated or gold-filled brass base to avoid most sensitivities.

gold plated and gold filled

When taking into account cost versus benefit: gold plated and gold filled give you the freedom to change and renew more often than gold jewelry, in which you invested a large amount. At Oroca Studio you will find a selection of gold filled jewelry and 18 karat gold plating and gold according to customer order!!


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