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עגילי רימונים אבנים טבעיות רובי וטורקיז

Large pomegranates with natural gemstones


These meticulously crafted hand-made earrings feature an exquisite triad of pomegranates, each adorned with natural Garnet and African Turquoise gemstones.

The trio of pomegranates symbolizes fertility, love and purity, evoking ancient symbols of abundance. Based on israeli 70s Lyra symbol coin. With dimensions of 1.95 by 1.7 cm, the coin-shaped centerpiece adds a distinctive touch.

Each earring dangles at a length of approximately 4 cm, allowing them to gracefully frame the face while making a statement of timeless beauty and artistry.


18-karat quality gold plating, free from nickel.

Rubi & Turquoise bead.

18 kt gold plated brass, Nickel free.

Total length: 4 cm

  • הכנה

      זמן הכנה- עד 14 ימי עבודה.


    אם נדרש קודם- אנא בדקו עמי אם אפשרי

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