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Gold filled ring with round Carnelian

Gold filled ring with round Carnelian



Round Carnelian High bezeled ring with delicate wires and granulation. Round Carnelian gemstone in the center.

This goldfilled ring is happy- adorned with Carnelian natural gem!!
The Carnelian gemstone is known for the happiness and joy it brings to our lives.

There might be slight variations in the size and colour of the stone since it is raw natural Carnelian.
Materials: 18 kt gold filled and natural round Carnelian.

Stone diameter: 5 mm.
Brushed finish.

  • הכנה

      זמן הכנה- עד 14 ימי עבודה.


    אם נדרש קודם- אנא בדקו עמי אם אפשרי

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