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Hammered handmade cuff

Hammered handmade cuff


Hammered handmade cuff bracelet, 925 sterling silver brushed finish.
This bracelet is made by hand, formed, shaped, hammered and finally given the special brushed finished.


Materials: 925 sterling silver.


The bracelet is 5.4 mm wide.
15 cm (5.9") long.

For cuff sizing it is best to measure if you can. To do that you will want to measure around your wrist at the natural location of a cuff bracelet. Now, take that measurement and deduct the 1.25" opening of the cuff.
for example if your wrist measures 6.5", you deduct 1.25" and get 5.25".

Please inform if you need another length.
Otherwise it will be 15 cm / 5.9" long.

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