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Rutilated Quartz earrings

Rutilated Quartz earrings


Rutilated Quartz gold earrings.

The Rutil Quartz has like gold threads inside the Quartz.

It is actually a mixture of minerals-the Quartz and the Rutil. It may help increase concentration and boost mental clarity.

Decision making is easier, finding the right solution to the problem you try to solve.

This unique design of the earring has the spiral on top of the gemstone.

The spiral shape is all around us - from the milky way until the sea shells, it is one of the basic shapes in nature.

The earrings are created with precised handmade and are great for any outfit.

Material: 18 kt goldplated spiral earrings with natural Rutil Quartz gemstones.

Size: 2.3 cm long.




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