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Twelve tribes- twelve natural gemstones

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

The breastplate of High Priest was beaded with twelve natural gemstones which represented the twelve tribes of Israel.

Those were natural gems that we wear until today, some of us can actually feel their good vibes and influence on our body and soul.

natural gemstones
natural gemstones jewelry

Those are the twelve gemstones corresponding tribes and attributes

Rubi- Reuben- Fertility and power

Garnet- Judah- Strengthens the boody

Opal- Dan- Creativity

Aquamarin- Asher- Communication

Topaz- Simeon- Intelect

Sapphire- Issachar- Whisdom

Agate- Naphtali- Power and stability

Onix- Joseph- Protection and courage

Emerald- Levi- strengthens heart and back

Quartz- Zebulun- Cleansing

Amethyst- Gad- Balance

Jasper- Benjamin- Healing and strengthening of body

Jewels with those natural gems are available at my workshop at old Akko lanes and online .

natural gemstones earrings
Quartz earrings- Designed and manufactured by Oroca
natural gemstones necklace
Amethyst pendant -designed and manufactured by Oroca

natural gemstones earrings
Garnet drops earrings- designed and manufactured by Oroca

natural gemstones silver ring
Onyx silver ring

You are welcome to choose yours:

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