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Pomegranates earrings

The pomegranates are a well known symbol in many cultures. The abundance of seeds in a pomegranate represents fertility and the expansion of the family.

Their beautiful color and special form

pomegranates earrings

What does the trio of pomegranates symbolize?

Purity and Cleanliness: A vessel whose opening is wide enough to contain a branch with three pomegranates is a place where impurity cannot be found.

The tough rind of a pomegranate symbolizes strength and protection. Throughout history, the pomegranate has served as an amulet for the purpose of protecting its owner.

pomegranates studs

A piece of jewelry that incorporates pomegranates gives it a unique character. The distinctive appearance of the pomegranates makes it informal and exceptional.

The symbol drowned on the earrings is from the 1 Lyra coin, Israeli money from the 70's.

In summary, pomegranates have a long tradition with variety of meanings, and when drowned on earrings, they can add a special status to it and emphasize its uniqueness.

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