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The six ways to maintain gold plated or gold filled jewels

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Who among us does not love sparkling gold jewelry? Each drawer has at least a necklace, earrings or rings in gold. But not all that glitters is gold either, right? Many times we choose to buy gold-plated or gold-filled jewelry, whether it's for design reasons, sensitivity to the material, or budget. The gold plated or gold filled coating is done on the surface of the jewelry, so it is very important to keep and protect the jewelry.

These are the six ways to maintain gold plated or gold filled jewels

1. Avoid rubbing the jewelry as much as possible - if it's a ring, don't wear it next to another ring, don't store jewelry next to each other, but each in its own box (and we'll talk about that too soon).
2. Avoid wearing rings while cleaning with scotch tape and rough sponges, to prevent them from rubbing.
3. Avoid contact with chemicals - during cleaning it is recommended to remove the rings and avoid any contact with the cleaning agents
4. While visiting the sea or the pool, remove the jewelry. Chlorine and salt damage the coating and may remove it.
5. Do you like to smell good? When you put on perfume, note that you only perfume the skin and not the jewelry, the perfume damages the shine of the jewelry.

how to maintain gold plated or gold filled jewels

6. Are you used to keeping your jewelry in the box it came in? It's a good idea, just note that the box is made of colorless cardboard, colored boxes (including copper-colored ones) contain sulfur that can damage the jewelry's coating.

not recommended for packaging

An example of copper-colored packaging, not recommended for long-term storage of jewelry.

Now, as you know those six ways to maintain a gold plated or gold filled jewel you are welcome to visit our Online:


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