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The symbols of the holy land in jewelry

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

A symbol takes on a meaning beyond that which exists in itself In a psychological or philosophical sense, the perception of humans is represented through symbols. Accordingly, symbols are an extremely important element of human thinking. A symbol should convey through pictorial lines the content of a certain tradition, intuitively. The message goes through the way of shining and enlightenment and not through a logical explanation. Humans have a wonderful ability to look at a relatively simple and uncomplicated painting and understand the whole world of conscious and subconscious content that is hidden behind it.

symbols of holy land the barley
engraved silver

A symbol is a representation of some concept, such as an idea, an object, a quality, etc.

Symbols of the holy land- The palm tree

The fruit of the palm tree, the date, is one of the seven species with which the Land of Israel, the holy land was blessed. As has been said: "What is the date palm, there is no waste in it, but dates for eating, and oleanders for praise, cheruts [spoons] for covering, fibers for ropes, ropes for cordage, flue beams to cover the house with them..." (Bereishit Raba, Ma, 1). The return of the date to the Land of Israel symbolizes the Zionist renewal.

symbol of holy land

Of the fruits with which the land was blessed, the date appears both in the four species and in the seven species under the name "and honey". In Christianity: It is customary to decorate the churches with palm fronds on Sunday starting a week before Easter Sunday, believing that this is how Jesus was received by the residents of Jerusalem days before he was crucified.

In folk medicine: It is accepted that the date fruit is effective against impotence and anemia, and a powder created by crushing roasted seeds of the date is effective for healing wounds and stopping nosebleeds. The palm tree in ancient Egypt:

The palm fruit was believed to have far-reaching virtues: they used to bury their dead with palm oil in order to ease their transition to the next world. According to Egyptian mythology, Ra, the sun god, was born with a palm kernel in his mouth, so the women of ancient Egypt used to wear palm kernel beads and believed that by doing so they would gain eternal life in the next world. A date fruit, whatever it is, goes through the stages of its development through the state of fleshy moisture followed by drying and shrinking, just as there is a transition in human life from childhood and adolescence to maturity and old age.

הThe moist varieties (Barhi, Khayani) and the dry ones (Zahidi, Zahalvi, Halavi, Haderavi, Dekal Noor, Majul, and more) differ in their taste, shape and shelf life. At the same time, they all develop in the natural course of unripe, buchel (moist) and tsamel (dry). You are invited to purchase a piece of jewelry with the symbols of holy land that accompany our consciousness for thousands of years A variety of engraved jewelry, including signet rings at Oroca Studio in Old Acre or purchase online

symbols of holy land on rings

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