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6 face shapes- learn how to determine yours

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

face shapes

Many of us know the feeling: sometimes we meet a friend that looks better, and sometimes less. Is may be related to her haircut, make-up or tanning , but the most important thing, which can also help you add to your look, is choosing the right earrings.

face shapes ratio

The shape of the face is determined by the length and width of the forehead, cheekbones and jawline. then you determine the ratio between them.

The goal is for the earrings to visually complement the shape of the face.

So, you want to look your best? It's time to get to know:

The 6 face shapes!

* For those who have a round face, the earring must be like a thin stick or wire on the sides of the face. This is to give the vertical line and create the illusion of length. * Those who have a face with a square jaw, must have earrings with a rounded shape. It can be hoop earrings or a hanging round shape. * For those who have a narrow face - three-dimensional earrings that will give volume to the face will be suitable. * For those who have a triangular face, with a chin relatively narrow to the forehead - needs a complement to the sides of the chin, such as drop earrings. * For those who have a diamond-shaped face - achieve the balance with elongated and three-dimensional earrings. * For those who have an oval face - most earrings will fit.

These are the six face shapes and for each one you need to know which earring to match.

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