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Good taste - Matching clothing to Jewels

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Many people make snap judgements about us

with little or no time for further investigation. By delving into the realms of beautiful architecture, refined art, well-designed clothing, superb footwear and elegant grooming, our aspirations become more sophisticated. We begin to learn new and different ways to embody good taste.

Good taste

So, when you read high-quality magazines that are considered tasteful, get inspired by PINTEREST, visit stores that sell stylish of-the-moment clothing and accessories.

That way, as if by osmosis, you'll become both familiar and au fait with what, for some of you, may be very new. Being more aware of what is happening in the world of style, design and appearance has become a "must have" in the times we live.

good taste in jewels and clothes

How do you choose pieces that compliment your wardrobe?

There are some rules to follow like the various necklines of clothing when wearing

necklaces. Here are tips:

V-necks call for long, draped, y necklaces or short necklaces.

Take into account the depth of your v-neck: is it a plunging neckline, or is it more modest? Jewelry should drape nicely on the skin or hang slightly longer than the lowest dip of the garment so that it stays noticeable and highlighted.

For a scooped neckline, stick with necklaces that are short and remain close to the neck. To give you an idea of what is meant by “close”, the base of the band should hang slightly lower than the nape of your neck.

good taste in wearing jewels

However, a long necklace with a layered look also works with this type of attire.

T-shirts or several layers demand longer necklaces, y necklaces and all jewelry that will go over the clothing.

Turtlenecks and mock necklines also go well with jewelry that is longer which lays on top of the garment.

Dresses warrant jewelry that fits the look you are trying to emphasize. You must have a good understanding of what you are going for before accessorizing a nice dress. Wear shorter necklaces to compliment a subtle way of being or really layer on the jewelry to put out a sexy look fully ahead of is time.

Modest gems when your clothing is the focus of your look, highlighting it with basic pieces that add hints of glitter but do not overpower the fabrics.

Alternately, when your jewels are the centerpieces of your attire, your clothes should be simplistic:

a straightforward one-piece number, such as a sexy dress, or perhaps jeans, a t-shirt and heels. The blank canvas you present can be decorated with bracelets, a necklace and earrings – go nuts! – but (this can not be emphasize enough) be sure to choose pieces that do not compete with one another. This way, your selection should work together flawlessly to accentuate your beauty.

wear at least two items at a time:

earrings - necklace/ bracelet-necklace/ earrings - rings etc. It should be done tastefully – just stay focused on proportion and finding balance.

If you are wearing a heavy necklace it is best to go light on the other pieces. It is important to find balance through pieces that compliment one another instead of choosing two strong pieces that fight with one another for attention.

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