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טבעת שמש מטבע עתיק גולדפילד

Antique Hasmonean coin ring


Antique Hasmonean coin gold filled ring .

Ancient coin ring, 18 kt gold filled engraved coin with sun symbol .
Delicate yet meaningful and well noticed piece!!

The engraved sun symbol is international and meaningful. Ancient cultures made the connection between the sun and their survival. Because it’s such an ever-present part of every day, the sun’s significance throughout history has always been apparent.
To the Egyptians the sun was the symbol of immortality. While it died each night, it rose again with dawn.
IN ALCHEMICAL SYMBOLOGY- Gold is the metal of the sun and has been considered by many as crystallized sunlight. Gold was the symbol of spirit
When the alchemists stated that every animate and inanimate thing in the universe contained the seeds of gold, they meant that even the grains of sand possessed a spiritual nature, for gold was the spirit of all things.

The coin is a replica of ancient coin from Hasmonean dynasty time.

Central round part thickness: 1.3 mm
Central round part diameter: 12.5X13.5 mm
Material: 18 kt goldfilled on brass base .Nickel free.


  • הכנה

      זמן הכנה- עד 14 ימי עבודה.


    אם נדרש קודם- אנא בדקו עמי אם אפשרי

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